Mike Flint's site (all welcome)

Brought to you from the sofa...

Home Page

Hello! And welcome to my website.

This site is just for my personal satisfaction, rather than a vessel for any deep, inner, thoughts. There are just a few simple links to a variety of sites, and some details about my IT career. I've also included a contact form, and am working on a search tool.

After a career at British Rail (9 years), Experian (13 years), and Rico Logistics (3 years) I am now working for myself within my own company, Hard Solutions. More details of my career in IT can be found in the 'About Me' page if you are interested.

Tools Used

I use Ubuntu at home, and have my own little LAMP set-up running on my laptop which is useful when developing server-side software. For editing HTML I generally just use Gedit, whilst Filezilla is used for FTP/SFTP.